124 269 MAGNIFICENT ERETZ-ISRAEL NEEDLEPOINT BAG. Textile with mother-of-pearl buttoned closures at top. One side featuring the Ten Commandments in Hebrew and the legend below: “Swift as a deer, strong as a lion” with animals flanking. The reverse with striking representation of the Western Wall. 13 x 14 inches. Housed within lucite stand. (Jerusalem?), 1886. $10,000 - $15,000 ❧ Likely a Talith-bag, and given the selected motifs, created for presentation to the great Sir Moses Montefiore - who died very shortly before this highly well-crafted item was fashioned, the news of which might have been slow to travel. The rampant lion and deer supporting banners featuring the Hebrew word “Jerusalem” are central features of Sir Moses’ family crest. Front Reverse