34 75 KARO, JOSEPH. Shulchan Aruch [Code of Jewish Law]. Four parts bound into one volume. Each part with individual title set within architectural arch along with printer’s devices. * I: Orach Chaim: ff. 100. * II: Yoreh De’ah: ff. (101)- 194, (1). * III: Even Ha’ezer: ff. 56. * IV: Choshen Mishpat: ff. (57)-186. Stained in places, trace wormed, opening three leaves neatly remargined. Bound in Valmadonna-custom chestnut calf, blind-tooled central panels with elegant gilt piping. 4to. [Vinograd, Venice 860.] Venice, Giovanni di Gara, 1598. $2000 - $2500 Lot 75 Lot 76 76 KATZ, SAMUEL FEIBISH. Sepher Leket Shmuel [midrashic compilation]. FIRST EDITION. Title within decorative engraved border. ff. 64. Dampstained in few places. Bound in Valmadonna-custom full calf. Folio. [Vinograd, Venice 1462.] Venice, Vendramin, 1694. $500 - $700 ❧ The author was the city scribe in Lublin from where he fled pogroms to the safety of Vienna. In 1670 he was expelled from that city when Vienna banned Jews from its environs - he then settled in Eretz Israel. See M. J. Heller, The Seventeenth Century Hebrew Book, Vol. II, pp. 1266-67. 77 KIMCHI, DAVID (RaDa”K). Sepher HaShorashim [“Book of Roots”: Biblical lexicon]. Second edition (first ed: Rome, c. 1469-72). Square Hebrew type, excepting names of biblical books and pericopes in rabbinic type. Previously THE SALMAN SCHOCKEN COPY (with his pencil bibliographic notations). Some marginalia. ff. 133 (of 144), ff. 1-2 provided in manuscript, f. 9 and final 8 leaves provided in facsimile. Trimmed, repaired worming with loss of few words. Unbound. Loose in Schocken folding-boards and matching slip-case. Sm. folio. [Vinograd, Naples 12; Steinschneider, col. 873, no. 43; Thes. A-66; Goff Heb-39; Offenberg 105; BMC XIII, p. 62; Iakerson 53.] Naples, Azriel ben Joseph Aschkenazi Gunzenhauser, 1490. $12,000 - $18,000 ❧ R. David Kimchi (1160?-1235?), also known by the acronym RaDa”K, was the most prominent grammarian of the Hebrew language in the medieval period, surpassing all others in terms of clarity, comprehensiveness, and methodical presentation of the subject matter. Kimchi was born in Provence after his family fled the Almohad persecutions in Spain. Both his father and brother were accomplished grammarians in their own right and RaDa”K’s philological writings owe a great deal to their early influence. See Treasures of the Valmadonna Trust Library - Otzroth Ya’akov, Incunables no. 46. Lot 77