125 Lot 271 Lot 272 270 AMERICAN HEAVY BRASS CHANUKAH LAMP. Designed by Reuben Leaf (signed on reverse). Of modernist design, with features portraying a bold Zionistic appearance especially by way of a prominent use of the Star-of-David, contemporary style of Hebrew lettering and the clean lines used to depict flanking lions. Nine candle-sockets on curved platform fronted by traditional Hebrew Chanukah-related wording. L: 11.5 inches; H: 9.5 inches. c. 1930. $2000 - $3000 ❧ Leaf (then known as Lifshitz), studied at the Bezalel School of Art in Jerusalem from 1906. He served as director of the Metal and Wood Batik Department from 1912-16. Thereafter he settled in America. See Israel Museum Catalogue, Bezalel, p. 372. 271 CONTINENTAL BRASS MENORAH. Standing lamp of weighty proportions. Central shaft with tendril-adorned removable branches held in place by clasped anthropomorphic hands. Set on three dolphin feet. Height: 19 inches. 20th century. $1000 - $1500 272 CHANUKAH LAMP BY YOSL BERGNER. Chanukah lamp featuring backplate by Bergner. Front platform with nine candle-sockets. Designed by Binstead. 9.5 x 12.5 inches. Silkscreen on glass with metal base. 25 x 32 x 12 cm. $1000 - $1500 Lot 270