53 130 (LITURGY) Machzor [prayers for the entire year]. According to the rite of Rome. HEBREW MANUSCRIPT COMPOSED ON VELLUM written in Italian square and semi-cursive scripts. ff. 370. SCRIBE: Samuel b. Moshe of Ravenna, with his signature dated 11th Mar-Cheshvan, 1469 on verso of f. 1. The owner Jacob b. Elia of Cali dedicated this Machzor to the synagogue of Ferrara on condition that all could utilize it. Later signature of Yehudah b. Abraham Kohen, Meshareth of Kehila Kedosha Ferrara on f. 1b. Index of Selichoth on final two leaves in another hand. Marginal noations in various hands. Signed by censors. CONTENTS: Part I (ff. 1-237): Daily services, Sabbath, Rosh Chodesh, festivals from Chanukah to Sabbath Nachamu. Part II (ff. 238-370): Seder Tachnunim (Selichoth), High Holy Day services, Sukoth-Simchath Torah. ff. 370. Variously stained or worn in places. Expert repairs, detailed conservation report tipped in at end. Modern calf-backed wooden boards with strap. Thick 4to. Ferrara, Italy, 1469. $200,000 - $250,000 ❧ See B. Richler, The Hebrew Manuscripts in the Valmadonna Trust Library (1998) pp. 61-3.