128 280 RUSSIAN SILVER PRESENTATION TRAY. Engraved at center in French: “Son Excellence Docteur A Harell / Ambassadeur Extraordinaire et Plenipotentiaire d’Israel en URSS / De Collegues du Corps Diplomatique / Moscou 1962” [“His Excellency Dr. A Harell / Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Israel to the USSR / Diplomatic Corps Colleagues / Moscow 1962.”] Bevelled edge. Reverse marked W.A. Bolin. Diameter: 15.5 inches. $2000 - $3000 ❧ His Excellency Arie Harel served as the State of Israel’s Ambassador to the Soviet Union from 1959-62. Upon the end of his service in Moscow, his diplomatic colleagues presented him with this silver tray, made by one Russia’s oldest firms. Lot 283 Lot 282 Lot 281 Lot 284 Lot 280 281 EARLY ISRAEL BRASS BUD-VASE. Differing Israel-scenes on each of the four sides. H: 5.5 inches. c. 1950. $200 - $300 282 AMERICAN HEBREW-DIAL POCKET WATCH. Silver- toned case with Hebrew dial-face featuring ad: “Max Goodman & Co. Clothes for Boys and Children” [sic]. Diam: 2 inches. 20th century. $600 - $900 283 WO O D E N K I N E T IC S C U L P T U R E B Y H .W. HAUPTMAN. Praying rabbi set on a pivot, the base of which has an applied brass plaque engraved in [broken] Yiddish and English: “How did he pray.” The figure repeatedly bows when pushed. Height: 19.5 inches. American, c. 1950. $800 - $1200 284 STERLING KOSHER SALT. Unopened box of coarse table salt. Packaging in Yiddish and English. 5.5 x 9 inches. American, c. 1940. $100 - $150 — En d o f Sa l e —