—  Absentee Bid Form  — KESTENBAUM & COMPANY 242 West 30th Street New York, NY 10001 Tel: 212 366-1197 • Fax: 212 366-1368 I desire to place the following bid(s) toward Kestenbaum & Company Auction Sale Number Seventy-Nine, Fine Judaica, to be held November 15th, 2018. These bids are made subject to the Conditions of Sale and Advice to Prospective Purchasers printed in the catalogue. I understand that if my bid is successful a premium of 25% will be added to the hammer price. Name: Address: Telephone Number: Signature: Lot Number First Word $Bid (Excluding Premium) ❧  In order to avoid delays buyers are advised to make arrangements before the sale for payment. If such arrangements are not made, checks will be cleared before purchases are released. ❧  Trade reference or 25% deposit required if bidder is not known to Kestenbaum & Company.