60 141 (HEBRAICA). An Important Collection of c. 200 Printed Hebrew Books from 200 towns and cities around the world, each of which is THE FIRST HEBREW IMPRINT of that locale. From the library of the late Yosef Goldman. Detailed listing available upon request. 18th-20th century $20,000 - $30,000 AN IMPORTANT COLLECTION OF BOOKS AND PRINTED EPHEMERA REPRESENTING THE HISTORY OF HEBREW PRINTING AROUND THE WORLD. This remarkable collection represents books from 36 different countries from across the globe: From China to Kenya, from Uzbekistan to Yemen. At its heart, the collection includes first Hebrew printings from 100 locations from the heartland of Jewish population centers of pre-Holocaust Europe, that is towns and villages in Germany, Hungary, Poland, Russian and Ukraine. The collection includes a number of rare, or previously unknown titles, including several not listed in the two major bibliographies of early Hebrew printing, and some that demonstrate the existence of a history of Jewish printing in towns not generally known to have had such a history. See A. Freimann, A Gazetteer of Hebrew Printing (1946)and Moshe Rosenfeld, Hebrew Printing from its Beginning until 1948 (1992). DETAILED LISTING AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.