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Earliest Recorded Kethubah from Hebron. 1870.
Sold: June 20, 2013, $19,000.
Important Boris Schatz Ivory in Original Brass Frame. Jerusalem, c. 1906.
Sold: June 20, 2013, $16,000.
Rare Silver Torah Shield. Estonia, 1823.
Sold: June 20, 2013, $26,000.
Hebrew Book of Psalms, Illuminated Manuscript. Chicago, 1910-12.
Sold: May 2, 2013, $70,000.
Fuller. A Pisgah-Sight of Palestine. 1650. Hand-colored.
Sold: May 2, 2013, $24,000.
Heinrich Buenting. Itinerarium Sacrae Scripturae. Magdeburg, 1594
Sold: May 2, 2013, $19,000.
Rare Silver Festival Kiddush Goblet. Augsburg, circa 1740.
Sold: December 6, 2012, $50,000.
Highly Important Parcel-Gilt Silver Filigree Spice Container. Galicia, 1721.
Sold: December 6, 2012, $280,000.
Portrait of The Baal Shem of London. Oil on canvas, c. 1777.
Sold: January 31, 2013. $75,000.
E.M. Lilien, Moses: Stained Glass Window Design. 1904.
Sold: January 31, 2013. $15,000.
The celebrated Prague Hagadah. (Incomplete copy.) Prague, 1526.
Sold: April 2, 2009, $120,000.
Miniature illuminated manuscript on vellum. Germany, 1745.
Sold: September 12, 2006, $263,600.
Isidor Kaufmann, The Contemplative Elder. Oil on panel.
Sold: November 28, 2000, $60,000.
Daniel Bomberg, Second Biblia Rabbinica in a uniform, contemporary vellum binding. Venice, 1524-5. Sold: February 24, 2011, $80,000.
Autograph Letter Signed by the Chofetz Chaim on personal letterhead. Radin, 1923. Sold: October 27, 2010, $27,000.
Autograph Letter Signed in Hebrew by Reb Nosson of Breslov, written to Reb Meir Mirkis of Teplik. Ukraine, 1842. Sold: February 24, 2011, $60,000.
R’ Schneur Zalman of Liadi. Sepher Likutei Amarim [“Tanya”] First Edition. Slavuta, 1796. Sold: February 24, 2011, $95,000.
Bezalel Silver Chanukah Lamp. Circa 1920.
Sold: June 21, 2012, $4,250.
Charles Edward Chambers poster, Shpeiz Vet Gevinen di Krieg! [“Food Will Win the War!”] New York, 1918. Sold: June 21, 2012, $800.
First Complete Edition of the Mishnah, a most outstanding Hebrew incunable. Naples, 1492. Sold: November 22, 2004, $300,000.
Complete Rashi Commentary, Hebrew manuscript on vellum.
La Matrice, France, 1457. Sold: December 17, 2002, $390,000.
A most unusual illuminated vellum leaf, Nebuchadnezzar's Dream and its Interpretation. Central Europe, 1711-14. Sold: December 8, 2011, $24,000.
Isaac Leeser. First Set of Machzorim Printed in America.
Philadelphia, 1837-38. Sold: May 27, 2010, $38,000.
Theodor Herzl, Der Judenstaat. First Edition. Inscribed and signed by Herzl. Leipzig and Vienna, 1896. Sold: November 29, 2007, $50,000.
Daniel Levi de Barrios, Triumpho del Govierno Popular y de la Antigüedad Holandesa. Amsterdam, 1683-84. Sold: March 23, 2006, $190,000.
Polish Silver Spice Tower. Continental, 1841.
Sold: March 3, 1998, $5,000.
Daniel Bomberg, Babylonian Talmud, Masechta Shabbath. First Edition. Venice, 1530. Sold: November 28, 2000, $180,000.
Unique Gilt Wooden Sukkah Ornament. Poland 1883.
Sold: November 28, 2000, $29,000.
Fine Italian Silver Binding. Rome, 1796.
Sold: November 28, 2000, $16,000.
Soncino Gesellschaft Pentateuch. Berlin, 1931-33.
Sold: March 13, 2001, $5,500.
Important collection of eleven original documents concerning the burning of the Talmud in Italy, 1550-55. Sold: March 11, 2003, $130,000.
Dutch Micrographic Sephirat Ha'Omer Chart, manuscript on vellum.
Sold: April 5, 2005, $115,000.
Johannes Andreas. Iggereth Sheluhah. Earliest Hebrew anti-Semitic work printed in France. Paris, 1552. Sold: December 13, 2005, $65,000.
Isaac Tyrnau. Sepher HaMinhagim. First Edition. Amsterdam, 1645.
Sold: March 22, 2007, $110,000.
Scroll of Esther elaborately illustrated in pen-and-ink on vellum. Italy, 1748.
Sold: June 26, 2008, $95,000.
Abraham Ibn Ezra, Peirush haTorah. First Edition. Naples, 1488.
Sold: April 2, 2009, $200,000.
The First Hagadah Printed in America. New York, 1837.
Sold: May 27, 2010, $70,000
Silver Kiddush Cup for Rosh Hashana. Nuremberg, 1766.
Sold: May 27, 2010, $12,000.
Charming Hebrew-lettered printers' block table. American, 20th century.
Sold: February 24, 2011, $5,000.
Passover Hagadah. Designed by Albert Daniel Rutherson, printed on vellum. London, 1930. Sold: June 23, 2011, $40,000.
Scroll of Esther. Elaborately illustrated by a Portuguese Marrano.
circa 1930. Sold: June 23, 2011, $18,000
Mosaize Historie der Hebreeuwse Kerke, Willem & David Goeree. Amsterdam, 1700. Sold: December 8, 2011, $4,500.
Sha’ar HaShamayim with Kabbalistic commentary of SheLa”H HaKadosh, First Edition. Amsterdam, 1717. Sold: December 8, 2011, $40,000.
Marc Chagall, Hommage à Chaplin. Pen-and-ink on paper. 1929.
Sold: December 8, 2011, $38,000.
Marcin Gottlieb, Boy with Grandfather. Oil on canvas. 1920.
Sold: December 8, 2011, $6,500.
World War I lithograph poster, Kriegs-Greber Tog. Vienna, 1918.
Sold: December 8, 2011, $2,000.
Ma'aseh Tuvia, Tobias Cohn, First Edition. Venice 1707-8.
Sold: December 8, 2011, $3,000.
Zivchei Cohen, Isaac Coen. Livorno, 1832.
Sold: March 21, 2012, $1,600.
The Arthur Szyk Hagadah. Printed entirely on vellum. London, 1939-40.
Sold: February 24, 2011, $40,000.
Anna Rychter-May, The Western Wall. Watercolor on paper.
Jerusalem, 20th century. Sold: March 21, 2012, $2,750.
Magen David Adom Brodie-style helmet. Palestine, c. 1940.
Sold: March 21, 2012, $800.
Daniel Bomberg, Psalterium ex hebreo diligetissime ad verbum fere tralatum. Venice, 1515. Sold: November 28, 2000, $17,000.
Ma'aneh Lashon. According to the Minhag of Chabad, First Edition.
Shklov, 1813. Sold: March 21, 2012, $20,000.
Autograph Letter by R' Menachem M. Schneerson of Lubavitch to the Rogatchover Gaon. Dnipropetrovsk, 1925. Sold: March 21, 2012, $30,000.
Shalom of Safed, Sacrifice of Isaac. Gouache on paper. 20th century.
Sold: June 21, 2012, $3,400.
The landmark Ferrara Bible, 1553. (Incomplete copy.)
Sold: June 21, 2012, $37,000.
Manuscript Passover Hagadah. Illuminated by Nathaniel ben Aaron Segal. Hamburg, 1757. Sold: June 21, 2012, $46,000.

Who We Are

Kestenbaum & Company is a New York City based boutique auction house dedicated to the sale of Rare Books, Manuscripts, Autographed Letters, Ceremonial and Fine Art With over twenty-five years in the auction business, Kestenbaum & Company is particularly renowned for its expertise in the fields of Hebraica and Judaica. Top collectors, specialized dealers, museum curators and acquisition directors around the world rely on Kestenbaum's expertise and value its discretion and integrity. Kestenbaum & Company is the largest niche auction house in the United States having sold to date over 28,000 lots at auction of rare and antique Judaica.

A Passion For Rare Sefarim


We are proud of our long-standing senior book expert, the world renowned Rabbi Eliezer Katzman, featured in a front page interview in Jewish Action: The Magazine of the Orthodox Union, Vol. 75, No. 4.

Mr. Kestenbaum Goes to Washington


Shortly after dawn on May 22, 2013, Kestenbaum & Company chairman, Mr. Daniel Kestenbaum along with his family set out for Washington DC. Meanwhile, other Kestenbaum & Company employees throughout the tri-state area greeted the dawn and they too pointed their cars toward the Nation’s Capitol. The reason for the trip to Washington was in order to attend a luncheon held in the U.S. Capitol building in celebration of Jewish American Heritage Month, 2013. Jewish American Heritage Month (JAHM) is an annual recognition and celebration of Jewish American achievements in, and contributions to, the United States of America. JAHM was set into law by President George W. Bush in 2006 at the instigation of Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida and the late Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, as well as the Jewish Museum of Florida.


Recent Specialized Collections
at Kestenbaum & Company

  • The Late Elkan Nathan Adler, Esq.
  • Maestro Leonard Bernstein Estate, New York
  • Boston Hebrew College
  • Alvaro Cassuto, Lisbon
  • Jacobo Furman, Santiago
  • The Late Joseph Gradenwitz, London
  • Gratz College, Melrose Park, Pennsylvania
  • The Late Grand Rabbi of Boston – Levi Yitzchok Halevi Horowitz
  • The Jewish Historical Society of England
  • Jews’ College Library, London
  • Max Kimche, Zurich
  • Nathan Lewin, Esq., Washington, D.C.
  • The London Beth Din Library
  • Chief Rabbi Sholom Rivkin, St. Louis
  • Salman Schocken Family, Berlin-Jerusalem
  • Wineman Family Collection
  • The YIVO Center, New York


Following a Kestenbaum auction of manuscripts consigned by a European institutional library, Mr. Jack Lunzer, esteemed custodian of the Valmadonna Trust was quoted in the New York Times as saying: "This sale was a benchmark in the annals of Hebrew Book Sales. The prices were phenomenal. I congratulate Daniel Kestenbaum on his tremendous effort and hard work in realizing such a result."



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In The News



Following Kestenbaum & Company’s appraisal of the extraordinary $8.5 million Arnold and Deanne Kaplan Collection of Early American Judaica which was subsequently donated to the Penn University Libraries, the relationship between the New York based based Judaica auction house and the Ivy League College was further cemented with a special event held at Kestenbaum’s Manhattan gallery on November 7th 2013. University of Pennsylvania alumni and members of Penn Libraries’ Orrery Society...