Shalmei Tzibur [laws of prayer]

AUCTION 47 | Thursday, December 10th, 2009 at 1:00
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Shalmei Tzibur [laws of prayer]

FIRST EDITION. Parts I and II (Shalmei Tzibur and Shalmei Yachid), wanting Part III (Shalmei Chagigah). Replete with marginalia in an old Sephardi hand ff. (3), 190 (of 348). Wormed. Recent boards. Sm. 4to Vinograd, Salonika 411

Salonika: 1790

Est: $200 - $300
R. Israel Jacob Algazi (1680-1756), famed halachist and kabbalist, lived at various times in Safed, Izmir and Jerusalem, where he served as head of Beth El, the kabbalistic conventicle of pietists. In Izmir, he edited and published the anonymous work Chemdath Yamim (1731), a collection of prayers and laws arranged according to the cycle of the Jewish year, noted for its eloquent literary style. See EJ, Vol. II, cols. 609-611