Yismach Lev

AUCTION 39 | Thursday, April 03rd, 2008 at 1:00
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Lot 108
Gaguine, Shalom Moshe Chai.

Yismach Lev

ff. (2), 18, 43, 46, 98; pp. 12, (28). (Part II, f. 8 slightly torn; Part IV, f. 14 wormed with slight loss of text, ff. 40-41 bound out of sequence.) Browned. Modern cloth. Folio Halevy 307

Jerusalem: Isaac Gaszinni and Chaim Abraham Gaguine (son of author) 1878

Est: $150 - $250
Shalom Moshe Chai Gaguine was the son of the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem, Chaim Abraham Gaguine (d. 1848). The Gaguines were a distinguished rabbinical family of Castilian origin by way of Morocco. The present book contains the Haskamah of the Rishon le-Zion (Chief Sephardic Rabbi), Abraham Ashkenazi. The work concludes with "Milei de-Avoth," responsa of the author's father Aga"n (Chaim Abraham Gaguine); a poem in honor of Sir Moses Montefiore upon his visit to Jerusalem; and an elegy for the deceased "Brigadier General, Qa'id" Nessim Samama of Livorno and formerly Tunis (1805-1873), a “benefactor of the Jewish People.” See JE, Vol. V, p. 546