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Fine Judaica: Printed Books, Manuscripts and Works of Graphic Art Including Holy Land Maps, Illustrated Books, Photography and Graphic Art from The Collection of Daniel M. Friedenberg of Greenwich, Conn

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Lot 143


Sha”s Hagadol Shebegedolim- Masechta Berachoth. With commentaries by Rashi, Tosafoth, etc. Prepared and with a commentary by Joseph Shapotshnick and Shalom Isaac Levitan (Kristania, Norway). London, 1919. * Bound with: Sha”s Ha- Masbir - Berachoth, London, 1923. * And: Sha”s Ha-Mashpia- Berachoth. London, 1928 ( 2 copies). * Talmud Bavli- Berachoth with a Yiddish translation and commentary. London, (1921). * The Talmud. Parts 1-2. London, 1936. * Untervegens Sha”s - Masechta Gerim. London, (n.d.) * Do You Know Yourself?: A Study on Human Psychology. London, 1927. * Shulchan Ha-gevoha. Parts 1-3. London, 1916. * Bound with: Roshei Alfei Yisrael [Torah and literary journal]. Vols.1-17. London, 1915-17. * Tekufah Chadasha Be-Yisrael. Parts 1-3. London, 1914. *Kedushath Ha-shem. Parts 1-3. London, 1917-18. * Bound with: Kol Kalla. London, (n.d.). * Birkath Yoseph). London, (n.d.). * Ha-rav Yosef Shapotshnick: A Bibliography by Ben A. Sochachevsky. London, 1927. * Siddur...Revid Ha-Zahav. London, 1929. * Sepher Kedushath Ha-Shem. London, 1918. * Der Folks Zeitung. London, 1927. * Kedushath Ha-shem. In five parts. London, 1917 Various conditions. Folio and smaller

London: v.d

Est: $1,000 - $1,500
A prolific author on a host of subjects (including science, psychology (“praised by Freud”) and music), Joseph Shapotshnick was a notable non-conformist figure of his time. Sha”s Ha-Masbir was published as an addendum to his Shas Ha’gadol She’ba’gedolim which contains additional unpublished manuscript material not published elsewhere; viz: manuscript notes of R. Joseph Saul Nathanson of Lemberg; Mekor Baruch by R. Chaim Baruch of Lentchna (a disciple of R. Jonathan Eybescheutz); R. Meir Jechiel of Ostravtsa and his son R. Jechezkel. It is interesting to note that this volume contains manuscript material from both R. Abraham Isaac Kook, the Chief Rabbi of Eretz Israel and one of his chief antagonists, R. Pinchos Epstein, the Rosh Bet Din of the Eidah Ha-chareidith. Shas Ha-Mashpia includes Kabbalistic commentary to Etz Chaim by R. Y. Ashlag as well as a commentary on the Shem Ha-meforash by the author. The Roshei Alfei Yisrael contains important articles by various English Rabbis. In addition to these volumes, Shapotshnick published controversial responsa releasing some 40,000 Agunoth whose husbands were among those missing in action followingWorld War One. Samuel Hillman, Dayan of the United Synagogue (with whom Shapotshnick competed in the area of Kashruth supervision) wrote to the venerable Rabbis of Poland delineating the actions of this “madman.” Thereafter a rabbinic proclamation opposing Shapotshnick was issued by Chaim Ozer Grodzinski of Vilna and signed by hundreds of others. In response, Shapotshnick published “Original Letters Received from World Famous Rabbinical Authorities Recognizing Chief Rabbi ..Shapotshnick as one of the Greatest Talmudical Scholars...” (16 unnumbered pages after p. 48 in Der Folks Zeitung). For more on this maverick English rabbi see H. Rabinowicz, A World Apart: The Story of the Chasidim in Britain (1997) pp.56-66