AUCTION 70 | Thursday, September 22nd, 2016 at 1:00
Fine Judaica: Printed Books, Manuscripts, Autographed Letters, Graphic and Ceremonial Art

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Lot 128


Group of four manuscript ledgers (Pinkasim) all from the Jewish Community of Karlsburg, Transylvania. Includes: <<*>> I. Sepher Zikaron HaZahav shel HaChevra Kadisha Carlsburg. Dated 1875, with entries through until 1957. Written in Hebrew, German and Romanian. The square Hebrew script is in a neat, fine hand. ff. 109 (excluding blank leaves), with additional manuscript leaves tipped in. The scribe, Yechiel Shalom b. Moshe, makes note of his historical research of older communal ledgers and compiling the present Pinkas (p. xix). Introduction contains a history of the Chevra Kadisha which was founded in 1645. Lists name of donors, forms of donation and dates of death. Different forms of donations other than money, range from land and property gifts to provision of a new hearse. Includes names of officers and supporters along with descriptions of activities. Bound in elaborate gilt-titled calf with silver corner-pieces, hinges and clasps. <<*>> II. Tempelsitz Grundbuch der Israelitische Kultusgemeinde in Karlsburg. Dated 1876, with entries through until 1944. Written in German and Romanian with few words in Hebrew. Listings of Synagogue seats of both men and women. 453 printed entries of which 263 contain individual manuscript entries. With comments concerning the various owners and later changes. For example, seat no. 1 has entries dated 1882, with ammendments recorded in 1883, 1926 and 1943. In addition to signatures of communal officers, few leaves contain official stamps of the Orthodox Kahal Adath Yeshurun of Karslburg. Bound in original calf with silver hardware, lacking clasps. <<*>> III. Statistik. Dated 1876, with entries through until 1885. Written in German. 406 printed entries of which 275 contain individual manuscript entries. Detailed statistical records of Jewish population. Categories include: Name, age, marital status and family details, occupation, property ownership, etc. With four page index of names in front. Bound in original calf, metal cornerpieces. <<*>> IV. Cassa Controle. Ledger of Community Income and Expenses. Dated 1866-85. Written in German and Romanian, with some Hebrew. ff. 182. Include financial figures for the rabbi’s salary, purchase of Ethrogs, flour for Passover and other religious needs. Bound in original calf-backed boards. Some wear. Folio.

Karlsburg: v.d

Est: $6,000 - $8,000
Karlsburg (also known as Alba Iulia), was regarded as the Jewish capital of Transylvania. See EJ, Vol II, cols. 518-19. The statistical material contained in these ledgers are most important for the religious, social and economic history of Transylvanian Jewry.