(MaHaRa”M Esh). Panim Meiroth [responsa and novellae on Zevachim]

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(MaHaRa”M Esh). Panim Meiroth [responsa and novellae on Zevachim]

<<FIRST EDITION. THE R. ELIEZER KALLIR COPY>> with his inscription and signature on the title “Kanithi Mehoni … Elazar Neched Hamechaber”. Part I: ff. 4, 96. Part II: 1, 35. Corner of first title repaired, stained in places, corners rounded with some loss. Modern calf-backed marbled boards. Folio. Vinograd, Amsterdam 1065

Amsterdam: Shlomo Proops 1715

Est: $600 - $900
The author (c. 1670-1744) began his Rabbinic career in Szydlowiec, Poland. He later settled in Worms where he was appointed head of the yeshivah. Following the occupation of Worms by the French in 1701, he moved to Prossnitz, Moravia, where he served as rabbi. In Prossnitz, R. Jonathan Eybeschuetz was among his prime disciples, indeed R. Meir raised him as a member of his own family upon the death of the youngster’s father. In 1714, R. Meir received the call to minister to the city of Eisenstadt and its “seven communities” and gained particular fame there as the MaHaRa”M Esh (short for Eisenstadt). As a world renowned Halachic authority, he corresponded with R. Abraham Broda of Frankfurt, R. Gavriel of Nikolsburg and R. David Oppenheim of Prague. See EJ VI, cols. 549-50. The previous owner of this volume was the author’s grandson, R. Eliezer Kallir (1728-1802) author of Ohr Chadash on Pesachim and Kiddushin and a most erudite scholar. He published his grandfather’s Kotnot Or on the Torah along with his additions under the general title Me’orei Esh (Furth,1767). For a full biography and appreciation see: Yekuthiel Yehudah Greenwald, Lifnei Shtei Meoth Shanah, Toldoth Harav Eliezer Kalir U’Zemano (1952).