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Lot 302


Hebrew manuscripts bound in one volume relating to Shechitah [ritual slaughter]: Diwan, Judah. Zivchei Shelamim. ff. 1-38. * Mizrachi, Abraham. Zikaron li-B'nei Yisrael. ff. 39-53. * Najara, Israel. Shochatei ha-Yeladim. ff. 54-55. * Hilchoth Shechitah. In Judeo-Arabic, reflecting local practice of Tripolitan community. Unpublished, apparently by copyist. ff. 56-68. Sepia ink paper. Stained, wormed affecting text. Later marbled boards. 8vo. Ex-library

Tripoli (Libya): 1784

Est: $800 - $1,200
The family name "Chalfon" figures prominently in the annals of Tripolitan Jewish history. During the years 1778-81, and again 1792-95, the Caid or official leader of the Jewish community was R. Abraham Chalfon, who was also a rabbinic scholar and author of note. Although nominally under Ottoman rule from 1551 until 1911, the local governors of Tripoli for a period lasting from 1711-1835 were the members of the Karamanli dynasty. One of the members of this dynasty, Ali Pasha, who ruled from 1754-93, is remembered fondly by the Jews for providing a peaceful interlude in an otherwise turbulent history. See Yehudah Messing, Gedolei Rabbanei Tunisia ve-Louv (1986) pp. 93-103; JE, Vol. XII, pp. 261-63.