Binath Mikra

AUCTION 51 | Thursday, June 23rd, 2011 at 1:00
Fine Judaica: Printed Books, Manuscripts Graphic & Ceremonial Art Including: The Alfonso Cassuto Collection of Iberian Books, Part II

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Lot 253
Menasheh Ben Joseph Ben Porath of Ilya.

Binath Mikra

FIRST EDITION ff. (20). Slight staining, previous owners' marks, natural paper fault on two leaves. Modern boards. 12mo Vinograd, Horodna 119; Vinograd, Gr'a 1570

Horodna (Grodno): Simcha Zimel ben Yechezkel 1818

Est: $2,000 - $2,500
RARE. A work on the cantillation notes, as factors in the syntax and meaning to the Bible. The Author, R. Menasheh of Ilya (1767-1831) was an enigmatic personality. A child prodigy who was married at age thirteen, he became well acquainted with the Vilna Gaon whom he held in the greatest esteem. In this work he notes: Shamati Mipeh Kadosh HaGaon HaChasid Nishmatho Eden Moreinu Harav R. Elyah MiVilna (f. 3b) ("I heard from the holy mouth of the Gaon the importance of the simple philological method of Peshat with the Gaon's interpretation of a sample verse.") For an important discussion of the life and works of R. Menasheh of Ilya see D. Kaminetsky, "HaGaon R. Menasheh Me'Ilya" in Yeshurun Vol. XX, pp. 729-81, where he takes issue with M. Plungian in his work Ben Porath, (Vilna,1859), asserting that Plungian deliberately painted an inaccurate portrait of the personality of R. Menasheh. See also A. Kosman, Pesher Davar LeRabbi Menasheh Me'Ilya, Talmid HaGra in Yeshurun, Vol. V, pp. 191-203