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Fine Judaica: Hebrew Printed Books, Manuscripts, Graphic & Ceremonial Art

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Lot 175


Siddur HaTephiloth Keminhag Ha-Kara’im [prayers for the entire year]. According to Karaite rite. Vol. IV: (2), 52, 44, (16), 45-64. [Vinograd, Eupatoria, 16; Mehlman 1841]. Goslow (Eupatoria), Mordechai Tiriskin, 1836. * With: Siddurei HaTephiloth lechol Hashanah [prayers for the entire year]. Vol. II,(Moadim). Title in facsimile. ff. 84, 84-132, 132-161, (1), 166-204 (of 206, lacks final two leaves). [Vinograd, Kale 8; Mehlman 1840]. Kale, (Russia), 1805 Variously worn. 4to

v.p: v.d.

Est: $700 - $1,000
RARE.Both of these volumes are extremely rare. According to Vinograd, the JNUL copies of the Kale prayerbooks are also incomplete. Karaism had its beginings in the 8th century breaking with Rabbinic tradition by rejecting the Talmud and declaring Biblical law as the sole basis of Judaism. Karite liturgy has little similarity with its Rabbinic counterpart. Codified are only two daily prayer services, in the morning and evening. Liturgy relating to the Temple sacrifices formed the primary basis of the Karaite rite consisting of passages from the Bible, with an emphasis on Psalms along with liturgical poetry unknown to Rabbinic rites. The Shema prayer is included in the Karaite rite, but the Shemonah-Esrah is unknown. See EJ, X cols. 780-1