Sha’arei Dura [Rabbinic Code]. With commentaries including Mavo Shearim by Nathan ben Shimshon Shapiro

AUCTION 47 | Thursday, December 10th, 2009 at 1:00
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Sha’arei Dura [Rabbinic Code]. With commentaries including Mavo Shearim by Nathan ben Shimshon Shapiro

FIRST EDITION of Mavo Shearim. Title within historiated border, printer's device illustrating the Temple on f. 3b ff. 110. Washed, worming skillfully repaired with loss of text on least leaf and minimally elsewhere. Modern calf backed marbled boards. Folio Vinograd, Lublin 32

Lublin: Kalonymus ben Mordechai Jaffe (1574-75)

Est: $1,000 - $1,500
RARE. Isaac of Duran (second half of 13th century) was a preeminent German halachic authority. His Sha'arei Dura is one of the most important Codes concerning dietary and menstrual laws. It is codified upon the traditions of both Germany and France and became the basis for halacha in these particular areas. The extensive commentary Mavo Shearim includes the customs of Poland and Russia. For more details on the importance of this commentary, see the comprehensive monograph by Eliezer Katzman in Yeshurun, Vol. 13, pp. 617-700; and Vol. 14, pp. 935-964. The editor of this edition, David Darshan of Cracow, (born c.1527), author of Shir Ha’Ma’aloth Le’David (Cracow, 1571) and Kethav Hithatzluth Le’Darshanim (Lublin, 1574), was one of the most prominent disciples of Moses Isserles (the ReM”A), Solomon Luria (the MaHaRSHa”L), Isaac b. Bezalel, the brother of the MaHaRa”L of Prague, and others. Prof. Saul Lieberman has identified David Darshan as the author of the Perush Katzar to the Cracow, 1609 edition of the Jerusalem Talmud, citing his name in the commentary to Tractate Nazir. See Lieberman, HaYerushalmi KiPeshuto (1935), introduction. For a full biography and translation of his works, see H. R. Perelmuter, Shir Ha’Ma’aloth Le’David (1984)