Emeth Ve'Emunah [Code of Jewish Law]

AUCTION 47 | Thursday, December 10th, 2009 at 1:00
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Lot 48
Arobas, Isaac

Emeth Ve'Emunah [Code of Jewish Law]

Hebrew and Italian face-`a-face. Title within typographic border. One divisional title within typographic border prior to final section (Hilchoth Yom Tov). ff. 7, (1 blank), 288, (16), 36. Some leaves misbound, trace stained. All edges gilt and gauffered. Contemporary calf, gilt extra, spine worn. Thick 16mo Vinograd, Venice 1393

Venice: Ambrosino-Bragadin 1672

Est: $800 - $1,200
The author, Isaac, son of Hananiah Arobas, “Justice and Leader of Communities of the Maghreb [Morocco],” sought to present the basic texts of Judaism as composed by Maimonides and Joseph Karo in both Hebrew and the vernacular, for the benefit of the Jews of Italy. To this end, he gathered here a digest comprising the Thirteen Principles of Faith from Maimonides’ commentary to the Mishnah Sanhedrin; Maimonides’ Sepher HaMitzvoth and a popularized version of Karo’s Shulchan Aruch. Thus, the layman is provided with the rudiments of Judaism, both dogmatic and practical. The book is prefaced with a laudatory poem by the Italian kabbalist Moses Zacuto. On the final leaf there is a recommendation by Solomon Chai Saraval, Chief Rabbi of Venice