Sepher Tanya [compilation of Jewish law and custom as applied by the Jews of Italy]

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Sepher Tanya [compilation of Jewish law and custom as applied by the Jews of Italy]

Second edition. On title, signature and stamp of Akiva Joseph Schlesinger (author "Lev Ivri") and stamp of his son Simon Schlesinger ff. (6), 136. Stained, marginal repairs, wormed in places. Later calf-backed boards, rubbed. 4to Vinograd, Cremona 36; Benayahu, Cremona 30

Cremona: Vicenzo Conti 1565

Est: $800 - $1,200
Akiva Joseph Schlesinger ("Lev Ivri") Copy A longtime resident of Jerusalem, R. Akiva Joseph Schlesinger (1838-1922) was born in Pressburg, Hungary, where his Mohel was R. Moses Schreiber (the Chatham Sofer). Later, Schlesinger studied in the Pressburg Yeshiva of R. Abraham Samuel Benjamin Schreiber (the Kerthav Sopher). Schlesinger's most famous work, "Lev Ivri" is a commentary to the ethical will of Chatham Sopher, calling for unswerving adherence to tradition. Nonetheless, Schlesinger could be innovative within the confines of Jewish law. Thus, he wore the recently-discovered blue thread of techeleth and blew the shofar on the Sabbath in the Old City of Jerusalem. Furthermore, he was instrumental in settling Eretz Israel, specifically the establishment of the new settlement of Petach Tikvah. See M.A.Z. Kinstlicher, He-Chatham Sopher ve-Talmidav (2005), p. 534; N.Z. Friedmann, Otzar Harabanim, 'A-16803