AUCTION 39 | Thursday, April 03rd, 2008 at 1:00
Fine Judaica: Printed Books, Manuscripts, Autograph Letters & Graphic Art

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Lot 163


A Collection of 16th-century Hebrew Printed Books: MORDECHAI BEN HILLEL. Rav Mordechai. Cracow, 1598. * YISSACHAR BEN MORDECHAI SUSSA.Tikun Yissachar Ibur Hashanim. Venice, 1579. * YISSACHAR BEN PESACHIA MOSHE. Yesh Schar. Prague, 1609. * HAI GAON. Hamekach Ve-Hamemkar. Venice, 1602. * SASSON, AARON. Torath Emeth. Venice, 1626 (with stamp of Pressburg Yeshiva and various signatures). * ZARZA, SAMUEL. Mekor Chaim. Mantua 1559. * DE BOTON, ABRAHAM. Lechem Mishnah. Venice, 1609. * ISSERLIN YISRAEL. Biurim al Rashi. Riva di Tento, 1562. * YAAKOV BEN ASHER. Tur Even Ha-Ezer. Riva di Trento, 1560. * MOSES BEN MAIMON. Mishneh Torah. Venice, 1576 In various states of incompletion. Various conditions and bindings. Sold not subject to return

Holland: First Half 19th Century

Est: $1,500 - $2,500
This curious calendar would seem to have been intended for use by mashgichim, whose responsibility was the supervision of kosher cheese production. They were to keep records of milkings morning and evening on a daily basis. The final leaf provides blanks for detailed information as to the amount and weight of cheese shipped to Amsterdam on any given day date