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Feyerliche Dankrede Eines hebräischen Grossrabbiners oder Chachom bey Gelegenheit der höchsterfreulichen Krönung Eines Römischen Königs…Prinzen Josephs von Oesterreich, des Sohnes Franzens und Theresiens…Zu seinen Brüdern in einer ansehnlichen Synagoge gesprochen, und nachmal durch Fleiss eines unter Chachoms Ben-Issatai Israel in das gangbare Deutsche übersetzt ["Festive talk of Chief Rabbi or Chacham Ben-Issatai Israel on the occasion of the crowning of Holy Roman Emperor, Prince Joseph of Austria, son of Francis and Theresa…delivered to his brethren in a synagogue, afterward translated into German."] pp. 40. (Misbound but complete.) Browned and stained. Modern half-calf marbled boards. 4to Freimann, p. 154

Augsburg: n.p. ("Printed at the expense of the Synagogue") (1764)

Est: $800 - $1,000
The numerous allusions to the messiahship of Jesus of Nazareth ["Jeschua Hanozri"] (e.g. on p.21) leads to the logical conclusion that our work is spurious in nature. Either "Chacham Ben-Issatai Israel" never existed, or if he did, he was nothing more than a conversionist preacher