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Lot 276


Cancelled check written to Grand Rabbi Aaron Rokeach of Belz, bearing (secretarial) Hebrew signature on reverse, “Aaron Rokeach.” Palestine Revenue stamp attached to check. * With: Envelope registered in Tel Aviv, Haifa and Safad from "Grand Rabbi Aron Rokach, 63 Achad Haam St. to H.A. Herzberg, Baltimore, Md. * Accompanied by: One page unsigned letter in Yiddish to Rebbetzin Chana Mindel (apparently the wife of the Rebbe of Gorelitz), thanking for her help in these "critical times" and asking her to thank Rabbi Hersh Melech Herzberg for sending money, "I would write to him personally, but do not have his address."

Tel Aviv: March,1944

Est: $2,000 - $3,000
The Belzer Rebbe (1880-1957) was one of the most revered Chassidic Rabbis who survived the Holocaust. After many trials and tribulations, he arrived in the Holy Land in February1944, eventually settling in Tel-Aviv. This check was written approximately a month after his arrival. Following the Rebbe's name, there are other signatories in English apparently acting on his behalf, including Moshe Ortner who administered the Rebbe's finances in Israel and had the power of attorney to sign for the Rebbe. (On the life and rescue of the Rebbe of Belz, see N. Ortner, Divrei Chen-Peer Moshe, Tel Aviv, 2006) Rabbi Hersh Melech Herzberg was the father of Conservative Rabbi Arthur Hertzberg, and a prominent Belzer Chasid residing in Baltimore. The Gorelitzer Rebbe was an honored guest at the home of Rabbi Hertzberg on many occasions