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Two transcripts of teachings of the Rebbes of Belz: "Tzetel Katan" [list of spiritual instructions] sent by R. Issachar Dov (Mahari"d) Rokeach to his son R. Joshua of Jaroslav (Cracow, 1928). Colophon: "Sent to us by R. Mordechai of Bilgoray, son of the Rebbe of blessed memory, who writes that his father's wish was that the Chassidim also adhere to these instructions. Transcribed by Moshe Sega"l Stern. Cracow, Lag ba-Omer, 1928 . * Divrei Hadracha [Words of Guidance] delivered by R. Aaron Rokeach to the students of the Belzer Yeshivah, Jerusalem 1950 (New York, n.d.). Hebrew and Yiddish. Typed

Est: $1,000 - $1,500
R. Joshua of Jaroslav (1897-1942), son of the famed Rebbe of Belz, R. Issachar Dov (Mahari"d) (1854-1927) was married to the daughter of Rabbi J.M. Twersky, the Rebbe of Machnovka, Russia. The "Tzetel," which contains detailed instructions as to which holy works to study, how to succeed in learning, etc., was sent to R. Joshua when the latter resided in his father-in-law's home in Russia. In a similar vein, another son of R. Issachar Dov, R. Aaron Rokeach (1880-1957), who succeeded his father as Rebbe of Belz, transmitted to the students of his yeshivah in Jerusalem, instructions concerning advancement in the study of Torah (oftimes citing his father). Both brothers, R. Aaron of Belz and R. Mordecai of Bilgoray (1903-1950) survived the Holocaust, arriving in Eretz Israel in the midst of the War. The present Rebbe of Belz-Jerusalem, Issachar Dov Rokeach (b. 1948), is the son of R. Mordechai of Bilgoray