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Fine Judaica: Hebrew and Other Printed Books

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Lot 264


Pineles, Tzvi Menachem. Darkah shel Torah [“The Way of Torah”: A Defense of the Oral Law, especially the Mishnah]. pp. 280. Stained. [Friedberg, D-1236]. Vienna, 1861. Accompanied By: Waldberg, Moses. Kach hi Darkah shel Torah [“Thus is the Way of Torah”: Justification of the Rabbis]. Part Two. ff. (2), 8, 50. [Friedberg, K-192]. Jassy, 1868 Modern boards. 8vo

Est: $200 - $300
Tzvi (Hirsch) Pineles (1806-1870) was a disciple of the Galician maskil Nachman Krochmal. His Darkah shel Torah, supposedly written to uphold rabbinic tradition against radical reformers, is in fact a defense of the clarity of the Mishnah as opposed to the later interpretations of the amoraim of the Talmud-era. The work was subjected to a scathing critique in the two volumes of Kach hi Darkah shel Torah, by none other than the author’s brother-in-law Moses Waldberg, a Bucharest banker. See EJ, Vol. XIII, cols. 532-3