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Fine Judaica: Hebrew and Other Printed Books

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Lot 99


SHAPIRA, CHAIM ELAZAR. Divrei ha-Igereth [“The Words of the Letter”: Two Responses to Abraham Chaim David Schreiber of Borislav, Galicia regarding Agudath Israel]. [Friedberg D-160]. * Rishumei Divrei Torah mi-Seder ha-Hoshanoth shel Ab”d de-k”k Munkatch [Transcription of Words of Torah on the Order of Hoshanoth of…the Rabbi of Munkatch pp.8 and pp. 4. Unbound. 4to

Jerusalem: 1932

Est: $500 - $700
Important Position Paper of the Munkatcher Rebbe R. Chaim El’azar Spira (1872-1937), rabbi of Munkacs, Hungary, author of Responsa “Minchath El’azar,” was famous for his militant opposition to Zionism - to the Mizrachi Party and to the Agudath Israel Party, at whose helm stood the Rebbe of Ger, R. Abraham Mordecai Alter. A well-known statement of the Munkatcher Rebbe observed that the Holy Temple was destroyed due to a man named “Kamtza” (see Talmud, Tractate Gittin 55b), whose initials represent: “Kommunisten, Mizrachisten, TZionisten, Agudisten.” In two responses here to the Galician Rabbi Schreiber, the Munkatcher spells out in graphic detail what he finds most objectionable about the Agudah, ostensibly a charedi organization under chassidic auspices. See EJ, Vol. XIV, col. 1296. (Further details provided with the Lot)