AUCTION 22 | Tuesday, January 27th, 2004 at 1:00
Fine Judaica: Printed Books, Manuscripts and Works of Graphic Art Including Holy Land Maps, Illustrated Books, Photography and Graphic Art from The Collection of Daniel M. Friedenberg of Greenwich, Conn

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Lot 217


Manuscript on paper. Some geometric diagrams pertaining to Eiruvin Variously worn (and incomplete). Various 18th and 19th century Ashkenazic hands

Poland / Russia: 18th - 19th century

Est: $800 - $1,200
Includes the following: 1. Sefer Yesod Ha-Teshuvah - an extensive, thorough exposition of the foundations, pathways and actions required for repentance. Copied by the scribe Meir B. Yehoshua who states that the author wished to remain annonymous. The author extensively cites the Works of R. Moshe Alsheich, Chesed Le-Abraham, the Ari Zal and others. Contains 32 leaves (sixteen out of eighteen chapters). Bound with a 7-leaf responsa from R. Ephraim Zalman Marglioth (to R. Moshe) concerning Eiruvin. Also a work on the laws of Choshen Mishpat in a later hand (43 leaves) 2. Responsa concerning Eiruvin in two different hands (11 leaves, unsigned and incomplete, perhaps the original responsa which engendered the response of R. Ephraim Zalman ) 3. Large folio size work, 84 leaves, dated 1822 written in a neat hand containing a section entitled “Shoroshei Hora’ah” pertaining to the laws of Slaughter, Treifot and other parts of Yoreh Deah; a section of notes on various Talmudic tractates; a section of responsa; and a large work on Choshen Mishpat with extensive marginal notes in the same hand. On ff. 25a the author states that he wrote to R. Ephraim Zalman of Brody concerning additional payments of a Kethubah. Other towns mentioned are Cracow and Werbovitz; ff. 22b contains copes of tombstones dated 1820, including ...Leah the daughter of “the famous Maggid “ R. Yitzchak... of Dunavitz, Sharovka and Bershid. 4. Six leaves (various sizes) containing halachic and Aggadic material; cites his grandfather R. Yaakov the Rabbi of Yanov and the Rabbi of Apta