(Shai. Noble Prize Winner for Literature.1888-1970)

AUCTION 22 | Tuesday, January 27th, 2004 at 1:00
Fine Judaica: Printed Books, Manuscripts and Works of Graphic Art Including Holy Land Maps, Illustrated Books, Photography and Graphic Art from The Collection of Daniel M. Friedenberg of Greenwich, Conn

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Lot 200

(Shai. Noble Prize Winner for Literature.1888-1970)

Autograph Letter Signed. In Hebrew Three pages. Paper clip marks. Tall 8vo

Leipzig : 1930.

Est: $600 - $800
To R. Binyamin (pseudonym for the author and editor Yehoshua Redler-Feldman). Lengthy letter written in Agnon’s inimitable style. Describes his long day and hard work in proofreading. “One error quickly multiplies…my eyes hurt from the constant proofreading.” Does not see anyone even on Shabbat. Has no time to go to Synagogue…the cup of Kiddush fell from his hand because he was so tired. His wife would “put him back on the first boat” if she knew his condition. Mentions the destruction of his house by the Arabs “Yemach shemam”. Reviews various articles published in the journal Moznayim. Is especially entranced by an article written by Schwadron. “I read it twice and will read it a third time…his words are worthy of being inscribed in the heart. If I were a man of action, I would go to all the cities and read it to all the Zionists.”