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Lot 249


I: Great Queen’s Hall Protest Meeting. Britain Denounces German Jewish Persecution. Archbishop of Canterbury’s Solemn Warning. Leaders of the Nation at Historic Gathering. Verbatim report reprinted from the “Jewish Chronicle,” June 30, 1933. pp.16. 1933. * II: Out of the Depths I Cry unto Thee. Sermon Preached by The Chief Rabbi at the Service of Prayer and Intercession on Behalf of the Jews in Germany. pp.12. 1933. * III: The Nazi War. Prayer of Supplication to be Read Every Sabbath and Festival after the Prayer for the King and the Royal Family. pp.(4). 1940. * IV: Tephilah Ve’tachanunim Le’teshuath Anshei Tzeva’otheinu-The Nazi War Intercession Prayer. pp.(4). 1940. * V: Order of Service for the National Day of Prayer and Dedication on the Fifth Anniversary of the Outbreak of Hostilities. pp.8. 1944. * VI: Todah Ve’kol Zemirah-The World War. Service of Praise and Thanksgiving for the Victories of the Allied Nations. pp. 16. 1945 Variously worn. Original printed wrappers. 8vo

London: v.d.

Est: $1,000 - $1,500
A dramatic group of public services spanning the length of the Second World War, reflective of Anglo-Jewry’s sentiment. “Almighty God, banish envy and causeless hatred from the hearts of all people. Renew within them the spirit of justice and humanity, so that there be an end of desolating wars and persecution amoung the children of men. Hasten the days when the nations shall know that we all have one Father, that one God hath created us and spread the tabernacle of Thy peace over all the dwellers on earth.” The Nazi War Intercession Prayer (1940). “Oh God, Who art full of compassion, Who dwellest on high, grant perfect rest beneath the shelter of Thy Divine Presence to all who have bravely laid down their lives for their Countries; and to all the men, women and children of our land and the lands of our Allies, who have fallen victims to the fury of the enemy on sea or on land in their peaceful habitations or on the highways of cities.” Service of Praise and Thanksgiving for the Victories of the Allied Nations (1945)