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Important Hebrew Printed Books and Manuscripts From the Library of the London Beth Din

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ELIAKIM BEN ABRAHAM (i.e. Jacob Hart). Asarah Ma’amaroth: Milchamoth Hashem [polemic in defence of Judaism and against the rationalist theories of Voltaire, Paine and others]. ff. (3), 2-9, 9-33. * Binah La’itim [on the cryptic chronology in the Book of Daniel and predicting the coming of the Messiah in the year 1840]. ff. (2), 26. * Tzuph Noveloth [Kabbalistic commentary to Joseph Solomon Delmedigo’s Noveloth Chachmah]. ff. 36 (1). Few light stains in places. Later royal-blue boards, gently rubbed. 8vo Vinograd, London 139, 143 and 159; Roth, London 71

London: David b. Mordechai Halevi 1794-95 and 1799

Est: $500 - $700
A unique figure in his time, Hart (1745-1814) was the first native-born English Jew who posessed a level of Jewish learning on a par with his co-religionists on the Continent. The present work represents the first three parts of an intended ten-part tract, a further two appeared in Berlin in 1803 before the project was aborted. For a detailed appraisal of Hart’s life and evaluation of his writings, see JHSET, vol. IV (1940) pp. 207-23. In the portions of Messianic speculation, the author concludes “Know that the year 1783 was indeed the End of Days. In that year peace and freedom was declared for the inhabitants of America. From there that light of freedom spread and reached France. It continues to light up the world, urging the world to rid itself of its abominations.” See A.J. Karp. From the Ends of the Earth: Judaic Treasures of the Library of Congress (1991) p.225