Kuntress Torath Imecha.

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Kuntress Torath Imecha.

Two small corrections to the text very probably in the hand of the author (p.11, and end) ff.(2), pp.33,(3), few small worm-holes, original patterned wrappers, upper cover deatcahed, 16mo Yaari, Calcutta 32

Calcutta: Ezekiel ben Sillman Hanin 1886

Est: $1,200 - $1,800
Written by an emissary from Safed, who “afforded the Calcutta Community a great spiritual benefit” during his three visits to India. The work upbraided many unworthy customs that became rooted among Indian Jews as well as a certain lack as to moral matters. Feinstein particularly objected to problems relating to the laws of ritual slaughter and standards of Kashruth, as well as the habit of permitting the use of a rickshaw on the Sabbath - a custom, the author points out, unfortunately shared with the Jews of Singapore. Feinstein also objected to a dearth of compassion for the poor, chiding “the rich who fritter much wealth to build beautiful synagogues…” See A. Yaari, Sheluchei Eretz Yisrael pp.831-32; E.N. Musleah, On the Banks of the Ganga-The Sojourn of the Jews in Calcutta (1975) pp.511-12.