Sa’adiah Gaon. Tirgum Asereth HaDibroth LeLashon Arabi

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Sa’adiah Gaon. Tirgum Asereth HaDibroth LeLashon Arabi

[translation and poetic commentary to the Ten Commandments, with Arabic piyut “De’ah al Tzultan,” plus short biography of Sa’adiah]. ff. 8. [This edition not listed in Yaari, Aleppo - see below]. Aleppo, Y. Dayan, 1912. <<*>> With: Vidui HaGadol [Great Confession recited in Aleppo during the ten Days of Repentance]. With Reshuth for Baruch She’amar and piyut for Yom Kipurim. ff. 6. [Yaari, Aleppo 60]. Aleppo, Ezra Chaim of Damascus [Imprimiere Al-Kamal Alep.] 1928. Together, two works in Judeo-Arabic. Light wear. Original wrappers. 8vo.

Aleppo: v.d

Est: $120 - $180
The first work Tirgum Asereth Hadibroth by Saadiah Gaon was very popular and published a number of times by different printers in Aleppo. See Yaari, Aleppo no. 36 where he lists another 1912 edition printed by Ezra Chaim of Damascus, but with only 6 leaves and without the piyut De’ah al Tzultan.