Vollständige Sammlung

AUCTION 76 | Thursday, June 14th, 2018 at 3:00 PM
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Lot 115

Vollständige Sammlung

Herrn Oberconsistorialrath und Probst Teller zu Berlin, von einigen Hausvätern jüdischer Religion. pp. (2), 86. <<* Bound with:>> [Teller, Wilhelm Abraham]. Beantwortung des Sendschreibens. pp. (4), 60. <<*>> [Hermes, Hermann Daniel]. Ueber das Sendschreiben…und die von demselben darauf ertheilte Antwort. pp. (2), 150. <<*>> De Luc, J.A. Lettres aux Auteurs Juifs d’un Mémoire Adressé à Mr Teller, Conseiller du Consistoire Supérieur, et Prévot à Berlin. pp. 99.Two volumes. pp. 702, 484 + index. Foxed. Contemporary boards. Folio.

Cologne: Simonis & Krakamp 1772-73

Est: $1,200 - $1,800
Collection of laws of the Electorate of Cologne, issued in 1772-73 by the Archbishop-Elector Maximilian Friedrich (1708 –84). Jewish matters are focused upon in volume I pp. 216-44. Contained here are the texts of comprehensive Jewish regulations for the Electorate of Cologne from 1595, 1614, and 1700 which regulated the status, settlement and trade of Jews as well as the travel of protected and foreign Jews. The volume also contains individual regulations such as the prohibition of trading cattle on Sundays and Christian holidays and a regulation from 1652 not to mistreat protected and other Jews during their travels. A regulation from June 1750 that prohibited Jews to use the services of Christian servants during Christian holidays was revised in October 1750 and allowed Jews to employ Christian servants for services on the Jewish Sabbath. It is surprising how detailed the regulations pertaining to Jews are here, given how late into the pre-modern era is this time period, i.e. the period of Enlightenment.