Arba’ah Turim.

AUCTION 74 | Thursday, November 09th, 2017 at 1:00
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Arba’ah Turim.

Four parts bound in one. Title page without ornamentation. On f.7 ornate woodcut border by Hans Holbein the Younger depicting the Creation, architectural pillars flanked by Kings David and Solomon clutching scrolls inscribed “The Path of Life (Orach Chaim) Journeys Upwards for the Wise” (Proverbs 15:24). Poem at end by Elijah Levita. Various owner’s inscriptions on opening page, signature at end of Yoreh De’ah of Baruch b. Yosef d’Ancona. ff. 84; 70; 2, 44; 112, (2). Trimmed, lightly discolored, worming repaired in places, inscriptions on opening leaf. Modern blind-tooled cream morocco over thick wooden boards. Housed in custom slip-case. Folio. Vinograd, Augsburg 11; Mehlman 728; St. Cat. Bodl. 5500:7 (ed. rara).

Augsburg: Chaim ba’r David, et al. 1540

Est: $10,000 - $15,000
<<Jacob ben Asher’s Tur. A Rare and Important German Edition.>> A fundamental Rabbinic treatise embracing all the laws and customs incumbent both on an individual and the community as a whole. Its overriding authority has been recognized and accepted by Jewish scholars for generations. The publisher praises this edition on the title-page as follows: “All previous editions of the Turim have faults and are crippled… especially the last two parts… I called upon my son-in-law Yoseph bar Yakar and told him… you are a scholar, dig into the depths of the halacha… you must repair the problems. …We obtained a Tur that was checked and corrected by our teacher, HaGaon R. Abraham of Prague the “Light of our Generation” and compared every page two or three times.” <<The present copy entirely complete, together with the rare two leaf index at end which Steinschneider notes is frequently missing.>>