(ReM’A). Torath Ha’Olah [philosophy].

AUCTION 74 | Thursday, November 09th, 2017 at 1:00
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(ReM’A). Torath Ha’Olah [philosophy].

<<FIRST EDITION.>> Historiated title border containing printer’s mark on title, consisting of lions and hands conveying the Priestly Benediction (see Ya’ari, Hebrew Printers’ Marks, p. 24, pl. 3; p. 137), lower portion of frame with bearded face accompanied by two cherubs. With the rare final leaf of poetry in praise of the Author <<NOT SEEN OR NOTED BY VINOGRAD AND MISSING FROM MOST ALL COPIES.>> Verso of title with signature of Yitzchak ben HaGaon Avraham HaLevi. ff. (6), 173. Browned, dampstained and foxed in places. Stamp removed from title, and neatly laid to size, title, and rehinged, f. 19 with small hole, f. 171 remargined. Modern crushed morocco. Folio. Vinograd, Prague 36.

Prague: Mordechai Katz 1569-70

Est: $8,000 - $10,000
<<FIRST EDITION OF R. MOSES ISSERLES’ FUNDAMENTAL CLASSIC OF JEWISH THOUGHT.>> A native of Cracow (c. 1525-72), the author demonstrates in this work his mastery of rationalist, particularly Maimonidean philosophy, through which he explains the meaning and symbolism behind the sacrifices offered in the Temple. This rationalist bent aroused the ire of his contemporaries such as R. Solomon Luria (Maharsha’l) and R. Judah Löw (Mahara’l). The Rem’a is most celebrated for his lasting contributions to Jewish law: “Darchei Moshe” to Joseph Karo’s Beith Yoseph and the Glosses to his Shulchan Aruch. See M.J. Heller, The Sixteenth Century Hebrew Book, pp. 612-3. Following the death of the Prague printer Gershom Katz in 1544, direction of his press was principally assumed by his son Mordechai, along with his brothers. In 1569, Mordechai began to print independently of his brothers, but assisted by his sons. Torath Ha’Olah was the first issue of their press.