Hagadah shel Pesach. With commentary by Isaac Abrabanel.

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Lot 83

Hagadah shel Pesach. With commentary by Isaac Abrabanel.

Additional engraved title depicting large figures of Moses and Aaron beneath six circular vignettes of Biblical themes.Numerous engraved copper-plate illustrations within the text. Complete with <<FOLDING ENGRAVED HEBREW MAP OF THE HOLY LAND>> indicating the travels in the wilderness and the division of the Land among the Tribes of Israel. All accomplished by the proselyte Abram ben Jacob. Concluding Aschkenazic hymns provided with Judeo-German translations. ff. (1), 26, (1). Variously stained. Original mottled calf, with blind-tooled device containing Hebrew title on covers, expertly rebacked. Folio. Yudlov 93; Yaari 59; Yerushalmi 59-62.

Amsterdam: Asher Anshel & Partners 1695

Est: $8,000 - $10,000
<<The First Illustrated Amsterdam Hagadah.>> The second of two variants: The printer issued two versions of the engraved title-page.