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Lot 295


Prayer Book According to Yemenite Rite. Includes services for weekday, Sabbath and Festivals; also Hoshanoth, Pirkei Avoth, Hagadah shel Pesach with commentary, Megilath Eichah, Kinoth, Megilath Chashmonaim, Selichoth, Keter Malchuth by ibn Gabirol, Marriage ceremony, Milah, Pidyon HaBen, Nusach Kethuba, Get and Chalitza, calendar for 1651-82 and other matters. Final leaves contain dream interpretations ordered by subject. ff. 152 (incomplete at beginning and end). Variously worn from use, stained and torn in places. Loose in old leather (padded with textual leaves). Sm. folio.

Yemen: 17th/18th century

Est: $1,000 - $1,500
A later colophon is dated 1740. The main body of the text obviously pre-dates that as it includes a calendar from a century earlier.