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Lot 230


(Marriage Contract). Manuscript in Hebrew, written in a square and rabbinic hand on paper. Solemnizes the marriage of Binyamin, son of Chief Rabbi Shmuel Salant, to Chana Sarah daughter of R. Yoseph Yozel. With signatures of witnesses Yitzchak Schatz and Yoseph Yoel b. Eliyahu Rivlin. With an additional paragraph below written in another cursive hand and signed by different witnesses (dated 25 Shevat 1855) attesting that the bride Chana Sarah brought additional money into the marriage. Folds, closely trimmed. 13.75 x 10.5 inches.

Jerusalem: 14 Adar Rishon 1853

Est: $10,000 - $15,000
<<Kethubah of R. Binyamin (Beinush) Salant, the only son of R. Shmuel Salant, who served as the Aschkenazi Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem for almost 70 years. >> R. Binyamin Beinush Salant (1838-99) who along with his family arrived in Eretz Israel as a young child from Lithuania, grew to become one of the key activists in developing new residential areas of Jerusalem. Most famously so, Nachalat Shiva in 1869, followed by Even Yisrael, Mishkenot Moshe and Mizkeret Moshe. Along with his uncle, R. Leib Salant, R. Binyamin Beinush was also a dealer of ethrogim grown in Eretz Israel and exported throughout the Jewish world. His father-in-law Rabbi Yoseph Yozel (Leon) was an outstanding scholar who delivered Torah discourses in the Menachem Zion Beth HaMidrash. The additional paragraph on the the Kethubah is a Shtar Tosefet Nedunya (“additional dowry”) signed by the witnesses R. Avraham, son of R. Uri Shabtai and R. Yosef, son of Rabbi Avraham Binyamin (Rivlin).