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Fine Judaica: Books, Manuscripts, Autograph Letters, Ceremonial Objects and Graphic Art

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Lot 291


<<FIRST EDITION.>> pp. (2), 123, (1). <<* Bound with:>> Kol Hashofar. Anonymous [i.e. Akiva Porush]. pp. 12. * And another. Contemporary boards. 8vo.

Jerusalem: Salomon 1920

Est: $500 - $700
Orot is the seminal work of Abraham Isaac HaKohen Kook’s philosophy. A poetic vision of grandeur of the Nation of Israel reborn in its ancient land. A radical remove from a traditional stance where he espouses pioneering views concerning the material development of the Land of Israel. For a detailed account of the revolutionary reaction to the publication of Orot, see B. Naor, Orot: The Original 1920 Edition (2004). Bound with an anonymous polemic opposing Orot, containing views including those of Rabbis Yitzchak Yerucham Diskin and Yoseph Chaim Sonnenfeld stating that “it is prohibited to look at or rely upon such foolishness and fantasies” (p. 3).