“The Noda BeYehudah.”) Chidushim.

AUCTION 65 | Thursday, June 25th, 2015 at 1:00
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Lot 34

“The Noda BeYehudah.”) Chidushim.

Manuscript in Hebrew, written in cursive Aschkenazic hand on paper. ff. 42-54; 97-109; 122 [blank]; [7]. Several loose leaves. Modern boards 4to.

Prague: 1771

Est: $2,000 - $3,000
A collection of novellae from the Talmudic lectures given by R. Yechezkel Landau, including Tractates Pesachim, Beitza, Kidushin and Berachoth. These chidushim were not all included in the Noda BeYehuda’s printed works “Tz’lach.” Also found here are two long letters that accompanied gifts presented to R. Landau by his students; the second one being a silver menorah. Written in poetic stanzas, each beginning with a letter of their teacher’s first-name: Yechezkel. R. Yechezkel Landau (1713-93) Chief Rabbi of Prague, is known for his monumental work of responsa, “Noda BeYehuda,” one of the most authoritative sources in Halachic literature. He was a devoted and compassionate Rosh Yeshiva, and as community leader, a forceful presence when negotiating with government authorities during the numerous wars and threatened expulsions that plagued the Jewish community of the time.