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Fine Judaica: Books, Manuscripts, Autograph Letters, Graphic and Ceremonial Art

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Lot 311


Three works pertaining to Hilchoth Shechitah: 1. Maimonides’s Laws of Shechita (ff. 1-35). * 2. Sheiloth Uteshuvoth (ff. 36-64). * 3. Shir Leshivim Treifoth by David ben Shlomo Vital [alphabetical poem concerning the 70 types of treifoth] with a lengthy commentary. ff. 72. Stained. Old vellum-backed sheep, heavily worn. 4to.

(Turkey?): 15th Kislev 1707

Est: $800 - $1,200
The section of Maimonides’s Laws of Shechitah in the present manuscript contains a variant that does not appear in the published edition - a section entitled “Chatzi Hasepher” (see f. 18a). David Vital, the author of the unusual poem, was a Spanish exile, who settled in Greece, first in Patras, and following the Turko-Venetian war of 1532, in Arta, where he was welcomed as a pre-eminent halachic authority. His most celebrated work, also written in poetic form, is Kether Torah, (Constantinople, 1536) a rhymed summary of the 613 precepts in accordance with Maimonides’s enumeration.