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Fine Judaica: Printed Books, Manuscripts, Autograph Letters, Graphic Art and Ceremonial Objects

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Lot 81


Four works bound in one volume: Der Treue Bothe - Tsir neʼeman. pp. x, (4), 61, (1), 58. Text in German, Hebrew and Yiddish. Prague, 1830. Divrei Emeth VeShalom - Worte der Wahrheit und des Friedens. pp. 48. Ofen, 1848. Yeled Zakunim. ff. 11, pp. 51 (mispaginated). Vienna, 1839. Igereth Elassaph. Tear on title. pp. 19, 70, 94, 13. Prague, 1826. Foxed, light wear. Contemporary boards. 8vo.

v.p: v.d

Est: $3,000 - $4,000
Pioneer of the religious reform movement, Aaron Chorin (1766-1844) served as Chief Rabbi of Arad, Romania. In his works here he advocates reforms to the synagogue service such as changing the text of prayers, allowing prayer in the vernacular and with an uncovered head, and approving the use of the organ on the Sabbath. He also curtailed the seven days of mourning and permitted riding and writing on the Sabbath. Chorin also interested himself in public affairs and took an active part in the efforts for Jewish emancipation and was influential with the state authorities. Igereth Elassaph, the final work here is one of the earliest works of Reform responsa - a positive response to the queries raised by the Duchy of Baden regarding liberal tendencies in contemporary Judaism (as instituted by the Hamburg Temple). In Orthodox circles Choriner was contemptuously known by the acronym “Acher” (Aaron Chaim Rabbi) - the name applied to the infamous Tanaic heretic, Elisha ben Abuyah after his apostasy (see: EJ, V cols. 495-6).