(Author of Sdei Chemed, 1832-1904).

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(Author of Sdei Chemed, 1832-1904).

Peath HaSadi Kelalim [additions to the Sdei Chemed containing novellae and responsa concerning laws of Yoreh Deah]. Manuscript in Hebrew. Written in two different Sephardic hands with marginal corrections, partially Autograph. ff. 21, some staining. Unbound. 8vo.

(Kara-Su-Bazar): circa 1893

Est: $2,000 - $3,000
The manuscript consists of a portion of Ma’arecheth Aleph (12 leaves) that concerns matters of Kashruth: Fat that had been left for three days without salting. The manuscript records correspondence with R. Benjamin Zakheim of Yekaterinoslav, R. Joseph Zechariah Stern of Shavel author of Zecher Yoseph, R. Shlomo HaCohen of Vilna author of Binyan Shlomo, and R. Israel Chaim Daiches author of Imrei Yosher. Additionally includes a portion of Ma’arecheth Daled (9 leaves), with correspondence from R. Yitzchak Shlomo Yoel of Rovna concerning the use of blood that was boiled. The marginal corrections were later all correctly published in the work - Kelal Yud Aleph. Chaim Chezkiyahu Medini’s fame rests upon his monumental halachic encyclopedia, Sdei Chemed. Born in Jerusalem, he lived in Constantinople and from 1867 to 1899 was Rabbi of Kara-Su-Bazar in the Crimea (present day Bilohirsk, Ukraine). See M. Benayahu, in L. Jung (ed.) Men of the Spirit,. pp. 107-21.