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Lot 308


Collection of mostly mystical works in Hebrew and Hakitia (the Moroccan dialect of Ladino). Bound together in one volume: Sepher Magid MeReshith [folk almanac predicting weather and agricultural conditions]. Hebrew, ff. 1-10v). * Sepher HaGoraloth LeAchitophel [magic]]. Hebrew, ff. 10v-15r. * Kevi'ath HaChodashim [intercalation of Months]. Ladino, ff. 15v-17v. * Chidoth [riddles]. Hebrew and Ladino, ff. 18r-21r. * Tekuphoth [calendar]. Hebrew, ff. 21v-23r). Blank (ff. 23v-28v). * Cheshbonoth [mathematics]. Spanish and Ladino, ff. 29r-43r). * Minhagim [customs of the City of Meknes relating to ritual slaughter, arranged by R. Raphael Berdugo (1747-1822) - see Zivchei Teru'ah, Livorno 1872)]. Hebrew, ff. 43v-52r). * Magical work (Raziel HaMal'ach?). Ladino and Hebrew, ff. 52v-55v). * Minhagim (cont'd). f. 56). * Magical work (cont'd) (f. 57) Contemporary marbled boards. Lg. 4to

Morocco: circa 1900

Est: $700 - $1,000