Klei Yakar

AUCTION 51 | Thursday, June 23rd, 2011 at 1:00
Fine Judaica: Printed Books, Manuscripts Graphic & Ceremonial Art Including: The Alfonso Cassuto Collection of Iberian Books, Part II

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Lot 160

Klei Yakar

Second edition.Title within architectural arch flanked by grotesques with printer’s device (Yaari, Printer’s Marks no. 37). Title-page with signatures of the prominent Frankfurt Dayanim R. Yaakov Shamesh (dated 1767) and R. David Strauss (see below) ff. 141. Browned with some staining, small paper repair on verso of title. Recent boards. Folio Vinograd, Prague 156

Prague : Moshe Katz 1608

Est: $1,500 - $2,000
The author (1550-1619) studied under the tutelage of R. Solomon Luria (MaHaRSHa”L) and later rose to serve as Chief Justice of the rabbinical court of Prague. He is best known for this Klei Yakar (“Precious Vessel”), a popular homiletic commentary to the Pentateuch included in most editions of the Mikra’oth Gedoloth. The Chatham Sofer studied under R. Yaakov Shamesh in his youth. R. David Strauss was the Rosh Beth Din of Franfurt in 1722 and in 1748 became Rabbi of Furth. See M. Horovitz, Frankfurter Rabbinen (1972) pp. 322-24 and B. S. Hamburger, HaYeshiva HaRamah BeFiurda, Vol. ll, pp. 9-50 (2010)