AUCTION 43 | Thursday, April 02nd, 2009 at 1:00
Fine Judaica: Hebrew Printed Books, Manuscripts, Graphic & Ceremonial Art

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Lot 300


Four Yemenite Hebrew Manuscripts (Ex-library): 1) Laws of Ritual Slaughter. Judeo-Arabic commentary on Maimonides, Hil. Shechitah through Chap. XIV, missing somewhat at end (ff.1-13); Seder ha-Nikur bi-Leshon Aravi [Order of Porging in Judeo-Arabic] (ff.14r.-15r.); and various other Judeo-Arabic writings pertaining to Shechitah, all unpublished. 18th-19th centuries. Various Temanic scripts. ff. (17). Black ink on coarse paper. Stained, top margins burnt. Modern marbled boards. 12mo. * 2) Selected Readings from Tanach [Bible]. First half 20th century. Yemenite square script. ff. 38. 17 lines per page. Sepia ink on coarse paper. Stained. Contemporary calf, distressed. 8vo. * 3) Piyutim [religious poems]. End 19th-beginning 20th century. Yemenite square script. ff.28. (Lacking pages after pp. 1, 22 and 27.) 14 lines per page. Wormed. Modern marbled boards. 12mo. * 4) Three Megiloth of Shir ha-Shirim [Song of Songs], Ruth and Koheleth [Ecclesiastes] with Targum. 19th century. Texts in Yemenite square script and wraparound Targum in Rashi script, both fully vocalized (menukad). Verses provided with trop (cantillation). Use of red ink to decorate first words of scrolls and headers, and to offset the first word of the Hebrew verse in Targum. Broad margins. Former owner's name at top of f.2r., "Yachya ibn Yachya [illegible]." ff.(34). 25 lines per page. Black ink on coarse paper. Foxed throughout. Modern boards. 4to.

Est: $400 - $600