AUCTION 43 | Thursday, April 02nd, 2009 at 1:00
Fine Judaica: Hebrew Printed Books, Manuscripts, Graphic & Ceremonial Art

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Lot 287


Nine Hebrew Manuscripts of Piyutim [Religious Poetry] from throughout the Sephardic Diaspora (all ex-library): 1) Notebook of Piyutim in Hebrew, Judeo-Espanol and Judeo-Turkish. (Turkey, 19th century). Ottoman cursive script. ff. (58). Written on one side only. Black ink on coarse paper. Marginal worming. Contemporary calf, scuffed. 8vo (landscape). * 2) Piyutim. (Tunisia, 18th century). Uniform North African cursive script. ff. (136). 15 lines per page. Sepia on coarse paper. Stained. Modern vellum. 8vo. * 3) Piyutim. (Eretz Israel, 19th century). Ottoman cursive script. Numerous artistic embellishments. On f.113r.: "Zeh ha-sepher sheli, Raphael Chiya Ze'evi." On ff.13v., 123v., 125v. calligraphic signatures of Yom-Tov Meyuchas. Mid-nineteenth century, R. Yom Tov [Raphael] Meyuchas was one of the presiding chachamim of the Sephardic community of Jerusalem. Meyuchas authored a volume of halachic responsa, Mei Be'er. See S. Vanunu, Arzei ha-Levanon, Vol. II, p. 865; N.Z. Friedmann, Otzar Harabanim, no. 7959. ff. 126. 20 lines per page. Stained. Modern boards. 8vo. * 4) Piyutim and Prayers for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, and Tzahir for Passover in Judeo-Arabic. (Morocco, 19th century). Moroccan cursive script. ff. (46). 20 lines per page. Sepia on paper. Stained. Recent cloth. 8vo. * 5) Hoshanoth for Hoshanah Rabbah; Haphtaroth of Passover with both Aramaic and Judeo-Arabic translation according to Moroccan rite (Tzahir). (Morocco, 18th-19th centuries). Moroccan cursive script. Different hands. On ff.6v. and 66r. signatures of copyist and former owner Isaac ibn Danan. On f.16v. signature of another copyist, Joseph Maman. ff.(66). Sepia on coarse paper. Stained. Modern velllum. 8vo. * 6) Collection of Judeo-Turkish piyutim. (Azerbaijan?, 1836). Ottoman cursive script with nikud (vowel points). Colophon on f.82v. reads: "Abraham Aschkenazi…I wrote this Pizmon…Rosh Chodesh Ellul…in the year 1836." Bound in as appendices, fragments from several lands - Turkey, Morocco, and Aden - some of kabbalistic interest Of note: ff.85 and 112 consist of foldout "kame'oth" or protective amulets with names of angels, etc. ff.(112). Stained and tattered. Modern cloth. 8vo. * 7) Collection of piyutim of Moroccan paytanim. (Morocco, 19th century). Three scripts: Moroccan cursive (f.2r.), Rashi (ff.2v.-3r.), square script (f.4r.-19v.) ff. (19). 24 lines per page. Foxed and torn. Sepia on paper. Modern marbled boards. 8vo. * 8) Collection of piyutim. (Libya?, 18th century). Hebrew and Judeo-Arabic. Many unpublished poems. North African square script. On ff. 305v. and 312r. signatures of former owner, "Shalom Haddad." ff. (326). Many leaves silked. Foxed, several words eaten through by oxidation of ink. Recent cloth. Thick 8vo. * 9) Ma'aseh de Yosef ha-Tzadik [Tale of Biblical Joseph]. (Morocco, 19th century). Judeo-Arabic. Moroccan cursive script. ff. (13). Remaining leaves fragmentary. 22 lines per page. Sepia on paper. Minor wormholes, text minimally affected. Modern marbled boards. 4to

Est: $4,000 - $6,000