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Fine Judaica: Hebrew Printed Books, Manuscripts, Graphic & Ceremonial Art

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Lot 284


Autograph Manuscript Signed."Chaver" Certification. Written for his disciple "HaBachur HeChathan…Moshe beharav R. Shmerles" in flowery, poetic phraseology, attesting to his high level of knowledge. States the recipient is deserving and fully entitled to be called up to the Torah with the title "HeChaver" One page, twelve lines

Boskovice: 14th Cheshvan, 1788

Est: $15,000 - $20,000
R. Samuel Klein (1720-1806) gained fame as the author of Machatzith HaShekel, a super-commentary to the Magen Avraham published in all standard editions of the Shulchan Aruch. The commentary clarifies and expands upon the Magen Avraham's sometime cryptic language and is constantly cited in the halachic and responsa literature. The author's surname is adopted from his birthplace of Kelin, Bohemia. Later, he resided in Boskovice, where he headed a large Yeshiva. Following suit, his son R. Wolf (author of Seder LaMishnah on Maimonides' Mishneh Torah), adopted his birthplace, Boskovice, as his last name. Many communities, especially in Bohemia and the Sheva Kehillot - the seven communities of Siebenbergen located in Burgenland (one of the federal states of Austria on the Hungarian border), were very strict as to the appropriate honorific when calling up scholars to the reading of the Torah. Hence, those who received the title of “Chaver” were most protective of their title.