AUCTION 43 | Thursday, April 02nd, 2009 at 1:00
Fine Judaica: Hebrew Printed Books, Manuscripts, Graphic & Ceremonial Art

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Lot 111


Seven individual Edicts concerning the Jews of Frankfurt-am-Main. German text. Seven printed broadsides. 1) Order by the Magistrate of Frankfurt concerning Jewish beggars who enter the city limits under the pretext of selling goods and who subsequently stayed overnight without paying the "Nacht-Geld" (night fee for Jews). Jewish beggars found within Frankfurt will be punished with a maximum two weeks of hard labor. September 18, 1731 * 2) Complaint against the Jews of Frankfurt by the non-Jewish shopkeepers of the city saying the Jews were selling their products in Christian marketplaces. To protect non-Jewish merchants, the consul limits Jewish businesses to 75 stores within Frankfurt. October 16, 1738. * 3) Complaint against the Jews of Frankfurt by the non-Jewish coppersmiths of the city. The Jews were accused of importing copper tools and were seen selling them in the streets from under their coats. The city consul forbade this illegal business. August 15, 1764. * 4) Anyone without the right to reside in Frankfurt must leave the city within 14 days including Jews who were not registered at the city consul. May 10, 1763 . * 5) Instructing the Jews and other citizens of Frankfurt to pay taxes for wine, meat, etc. to the city consul. January 29, 1726. * 6) A renewed edict from 1761 concerning merchants and Jews from outside of Frankfurt trying to sell goods within the city limits without the city consul permission. July 8, 1801 * 7) Jewish fur merchants are permitted to sell their goods in Frankfurt only during the official Trade-fair. March 20, 1788

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