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Moda'ath Zoth be-Chol ha-Aretz / Communauté Israelite de Corfou - Avis [Proclamation of the Jewish Community of Corfu]. Endorsed by the Rabbi of Corfu, Joseph Menachem Halevi (d. 1887), along with the Parnasim: Abraham Judah de Semo, Joseph Nachmoli (d. 1886), Raphael Yehoshua and David B. Nachmias Broadside. Creased. Margins tattered. 10 1/2 x 15 inches

Corfu: 1st July 1886

Est: $700 - $900
This broadside was issued to inform the public that due to the reduced economic status of the local Jewish community, it will no longer be possible to provide for the needs of indigent Jewish visitors. Each visiting Jew will now receive no more than 5-10 francs each. In addition, the Community is willing to pay half the passage in 3rd class aboard the Austrian shipping line Lloyd-Austriaco for a forward journey. The decline of the Ethrog industry is named as a factor in the economic downturn. The Corfiote Jewish community was extremely dependent upon the export of ethrogim to the Jewish communities abroad. In 1901, the Jews of the Greek isle of Corfu numbered 5,000 of a total population of 25,000 inhabitants. See JE, Vol. IV, pp. 269-73