AUCTION 38 | Thursday, November 29th, 2007 at 1:00
Fine Judaica: Printed Books, Manuscripts, Autograph Letters & Graphic Art

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Lot 116


Sepher Simchath Haregel. In two volumes. I: Text of Hagaddah with commentary by Chaim Joseph David Azulai (CHID”A). * II: Text of Megilath Ruth with commentary, plus sermons and novellae pertaining to Sukkoth.1782. ff. 102, 64. [Yudlov 304; Yaari 202; Vinograd Livorno 180; Benayahu,Chida no. 5]. * With: AZULAI, CHAIM YOSEPH DAVID (CHID”A), Kisei David [sermons for Shabbath Ha-Gadol, Teshuvah, Zachor plus a commentary on the Hagadah of Passover entitled Geulath Olam]. ff. 133, 1(lacking first leaf). [Vinograd, Livorno 368; Benayahu, Chida, no. 21]. FIRST EDITION Variously bound

Livorno: Eliezer Saadon 1782 and 1794

Est: $700 - $1,000
The First Hagadah Printed in Livorno (Yerushalmi 76)